With over 30 years of experience in the hair salon industry, Holly has had a burning desire in perfecting her hairstyle skills. Holly left Chicago in 2020 and moved here to sunny Hawaii with her family.

Now in Pearl City Peninsula, you will be completely satisfied in a professional caring manner. Holly is knowledgeable with modern hair technology and proficient in using the best quality products available on the market. Holly, when asked, will definitely assist customers in selecting the perfect hairstyle, beautiful eyebrows, and lip models, the best suited to each person‘s looks and interests. Gentlemen are welcome also as you will be completely satisfied with their hair/ beards needs.

HC beauty salon at Pearl City Peninsula will give you not only external beauty but is set as a relaxing outdoor salon.  Check out my services

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I haven’t gotten my hair done in 2 years, and I’m pretty lazy about it. Holly did a really good job with knowing exactly what I wanted, and cut my bangs and layers to perfection. She is super friendly and kind, easily understands exactly what you want, and executes well. She used to own her own business in Chicago, and is now just cutting hair for fun. Her passion for cutting hair and taking care of her plants is apparent and she’s awesome at what she does!

Monica Chan

Eeeek! AMAZIIIIING WORK!! Ladies, if you’re looking for someone who takes their time because they love what they do, Holly is the one you need!! Over 30yrs experience! Believe me, I am someone who values my natural hair and I’ve never had someone show how much they truly care about their craft like Holly. Seriously. Come visit! This place is 5 stars. Give this place a try and you Will not be disappointed. Thank you again, Holly (:


Holly shows amazing customer service, greets you with a big smile and makes you very comfortable in her own home. She has a cozy studio where she immediately gets to work. She enjoys talking story and getting to know you. Her work was excellent! I truly loved the hair she did for my wedding! Pricing is affordable! 10/10 recommend!!

Jasmine Carlos